FAQ: Linked Classifications


FAQ: Linked Classifications

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What are Linked Classifications?

ThoughtTrace's AI comes pre-trained to split out large PDFs that contain multiple documents into their discrete documents and document types.

In your Document Types management page, a Classification is a type of document that ThoughtTrace has been trained to distinguish, split, and label. It will also help classify individual, unknown documents as their most similar Document Type.


Where can I see Linked Classifications?

Linked Classifications are only visible on the Document Types configuration page. This information will not be visible anywhere else within the application.



Who configures Linked Classifications?

Linked classifications are configured by the workspace administrator. This is not something a regular user will interact with.


Can I link a Document Type to more than one Classification?

Yes, a Document Type can be linked to more than one Classification. A single Document Type may encompass multiple Classifications. 

Example - The Document Type "Commercial Agreement" may be appropriate for all documents classified as "Commerical Agreement" AND "Commerical Amendment"




Can a Classification be linked to more than one Document Type?

No, a Classification cannot be linked to more than one Document Type. If a Classification were to be linked to multiple Document Types, the ThoughtTrace AI would not be able to determine which Document Type to assign. 

Example - Since the classifications "Commercial Agreement" and "Commercial Amendment" have been linked to the Document Type "Commercial Agreement", they can not be linked to any other Document Types.



Can I archive Document Type(s) with Linked Classification(s)?

No, you cannot archive any Document Types that are linked to one or more Document Classifications. You can only archive Document Types that are not linked to any Classifications. When a Document Type is archived, no new documents can be identified as that Document Type. Relatedly, any linked Document Classifications would then be unavailable for use as they too would be archived.






If you have any questions or technical difficulties, you can reach out to support@thoughttrace.com




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