Data Utility Update 1.1.34


Below are the updates and enhancements to the ThoughtTrace Data Utility for version 1.1.34:


  • Index Files now download with a unique name
  • Improved resiliency when internet connection is lost and restored during an upload
  • Improved resiliency of the front-end performance to reduce disconnection from the backend
  • “Retry Errors” option added for documents that timed out when trying to be uploaded
    • “Timed Out” could be a transient error, internet outage, etc.
    • Currently, this doesn’t retry for docs that failed to upload because of incorrect/misformatted data such as Document Types, Tags, Select List values, etc.
  • Option added on Complete page to open history of past uploads after an upload is complete.


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where some resources were not being updated during the auto-update causing loading issues
  • Resolved issue where index file was unable to be downloaded when it contained an extreme number of fact types
  • “Stop Upload” modal no longer appears if session expires after upload is complete
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