Sorting and Filtering Your Library Item View


Sorting and Filtering Your Library Item View

The Library Item View shows a list of documents associated with the key fact configured by the Workspace Administrator. Documents in this view can be sorted by Document Facts that are applied to all documents in the library.

At a glance:


Relational Libraries

Relational Libraries enable the viewing of documents by their related data. Instead of a complicated folder structure, documents can be viewed in a number of different contexts such as Agreements, Wells, Buildings, Owners, Contract Family, Lessor, etc.

Learn more about Relational Libraries here: What are Relational Libraries

Need help managing your Relational Libraries? Set Up Relational Libraries


Navigate to the Library View

Navigate to the library view and select the Library of related documents you wish to view from the left navigation panel of the default search screen. If there are no options other than 'Documents', Libraries may not have been set up by an administrator yet.




Select a Library and Search

Select a library from the left navigation panel. Enter a value into the quick-search bar or search by Document Fact data within the library. Once the search is applied, the data can be viewed in the results grid. For this example, we will search for documents in the 'Arg Code Library' that contain the name CO-568925.



Documents Listing View

Documents in the relational library will be listed. If desired, select 'Hide Pages' from the top navigation bar to collapse all documents from the thumbnail view to a document listing view.



Sorting Documents

In this view, documents can be sorted by any document properties or document facts that have been applied to this library. The listing can also be sorted by the chosen attribute in ascending or descending order. For this example, we will sort documents by Business Unit, in descending order.





Filtering Documents in Library View

Documents in the relational library can be filtered by any of the applied document facts using the "Filter by Fact" icon. This icon, as well as the icon to edit or delete an asserted document fact, appears when the user hovers over the document fact field.

The document list can be filtered by any document fact, regardless of how the list is sorted.

For this example, we will filter the document list by the document fact Business Unit = Superior. Relatedly, to remove a filter that has been applied, simply click the 'Filter by Fact' icon again to return the list to the previous state. 







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