ThoughtTrace Updates - 2022-07-20


Below are the latest enhancements and updates to the ThoughtTrace platform:

ThoughtTrace App:



  • Added ability to remove all splits of a document at once from the splitting view


  • Added ability to delete document pages
    • Document page deletions are permanent removals of the pages.
  • Updated permissions to allow users with ‘Edit’ permissions to remove document splits.
  • Navigate from Document Split view to individual Document
  • Splitting view UX updates.


Relational Libraries:

  • Update Rollup Facts
    • Update a specific value across all documents in a Library Item.
  • Delete Rollup Facts
    • Deletes all the facts that have a specific value across all documents in a Library Item.


  • Sort Library Item by document information


General Updates:

  • Updated Bulk Action handling logic to be more performant.
  • Added an API endpoint to get details for a specified Fact Type.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where not Fact or Tag names would occasionally not render in the UI.
  • Resolved an unhandled error when refreshing the Library Item view.


ThoughtTrace Automate:


  • New Trigger for 'Document Analysis Complete'
    • This trigger will initiate a recipe when a document has successfully finished the OCR process.


  • 'Document Thoughts Extracted' no longer returns Thoughts as part of the trigger response. A subsequent step would need to be added to GET thoughts from a document using the data from the trigger step.


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