Documents in Processing and Error


How to find documents by processing status

You can filter your search results to display every processing status in ThoughtTrace, including any of the error states. To perform this search, please do the following:

  1.  Select More Filters
  2. Click the Processing Status dropdown
  3. Select one or more status options from the menu
  4. Click Apply then Apply to perform the search



What do the different Processing States mean?

Reading Document

  • The document is currently going through OCR (optical character recognition), or Analysis

Reading Failed

  • Analysis failed for this document
  • This can occur with large files and/or high resolution images


  • The document is going through Classification to be assigned a Document Type (if the document was uploaded and set to be classified by ThoughtTrace, as opposed to user-asserted)

Classification Failed

  • The document did not successfully classify
  • This error is generally more rare and can occur during a high network trafficked period in ThoughtTrace
  • Recommended approach is to re-upload or reprocess in the application by clicking on "Try Again" in the red banner on the document view

Getting Thoughts

Extraction Failed

  • ThoughtTrace could not extract thoughts for the document
  • This can occur during a high network trafficked period in ThoughtTrace
  • This can also occur due to document size and complexity, such as documents with dense tables

Not Processed

  • The document is a file size that we do not support
  • Unsupported file types include .zip, .msg, .lmk, as well as other non-image file types


  • The document successfully processed

Adjusting Pages

  • ThoughtTrace is currently processing the splits on the document (if it was uploaded to be split)

Splitting Failed

  • The document was unable to to go through splitting
  • This is likely due to file size but can occur due to app performance at the time of upload


What to do with Documents in Error

After reviewing documents in error or processing, please reach out to or visit the Support Ticket submission page.


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