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Accessing Dashboards

Available Dashboards:


Navigation Tips & Key Words: 

Filter your Views: Filtering gives you the ability to pinpoint your dashboards on the details you care about:


Info Button: have a question about the widget you are seeing? Click the Info Button for more details. 


Sliders: Change the range of a dataset or view a different segment of data with the built-in slider. 



Key Words:

Widgets: The content box containing the data visualization

Workspace: Your ThoughtTrace environment. Each workspace name can be found in the URL i.e. NAME

Document ID: Key identifier attached to every document in ThoughtTrace

Tabber: Allows you to switch to different views in the same 


Accessing Dashboards

Accessing your ThoughtTrace Dashboard is quick and easy. At the top of your ThoughtTrace Workspace, you will see an option to navigate to the Dashboard. If you do not see this option, send a message to to get Dashboards enabled for your workspace.




Available Dashboards


Document Integrity

The Document Integrity dashboard gives you a quick way to view the processing statuses for your documents as well as the quality of the document itself. The Document Readability widget can give you an idea of how many documents you may need to identify better versions of or do some manual data entry for. 



Duplicate Analysis

In the Duplicate Analysis dashboard, you can view the documents in your workspace that have a high likelihood of being the same as another document in your environment. Use this dashboard to identify documents to archive from your workspace to avoid confusion.



Workspace Insights

The Workspace Insights Dashboard can help you keep tabs on the amount of data that you have in your environment. This can help you make sure you are not going over your data limits and keep track of the growing metadata and document analytic metrics that are adding value to your organization.



Team Activity (Admin Only)

Keep track of your Team Activity to measure general user metrics and what data everyone is interacting with.




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