What are Library Facts?


What are Library Facts?

Library Facts are facts that can be applied directly to a Library Item. For instance, if there is a Library configured around a ‘Well Number’, a fact can now be applied directly to a specific well number rather than duplicated across every related document.


Where do I configure Library Facts?

Library Facts can be configured by an administrator in the configuration menu. Facts can be organized into groups and ordered to set the display for users.


How do Library Facts work?

Library Facts are applied to a Library item itself and not to the documents. The data applied to a Library Item can only be accessed by navigating and viewing it on the Library Item itself. We are continuing development to increase the ways you can interact with Library Facts.


Why don’t we copy Library Facts to all of the documents?

One of the key purposes of Library Facts is to prevent the need to duplicate data across documents. Without Relational Libraries, data about wells, agreements, owners, buildings, tenants, etc. would need to be copied across all relevant documents. When this is done, it creates data integrity and access issues because it requires a significant lift to update and keep it updated.

We are moving toward being able to reference Library Item data from a document without unnecessarily duplicating it across documents. One example of this is a Well Library use case where a data point about a well is updated. Before, a user would have to update all of the individual documents in order to present that data in ThoughtTrace. With Relational Libraries, they would be able to update that information in one place, the Well Library, and only have to store the Well Identifier on the documents.

This keeps the data that is stored on documents as facts relevant to the document itself and not information about other documents.


Can I bulk update facts for Libraries?

We do not have a tool created that can do so, but the API exists to add Library Facts in a very similar way to how we add facts to documents.


Please reach out to support@thoughttrace.com with any questions or assistance needed. Thank you!

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