Rotating, Splitting, & Merging your Documents in the Original Document View


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Navigating to the Original Document View

There are several ways to navigate to the Original Document View. The ability to view this view is dependent on whether the document has been split into multiple parts. If the document has been split you will not see the Original Document View as an option. Below we will outline how to navigate to this view depending on whether the document has been split previously or if this is the first time. 


My document hasn't been split yet: 




My document has already been split





Managing Splits on the Original Document View

The original document view is the primary location for managing document splits in ThoughtTrace. Whether you are looking to move an existing split made by the Ai or create a new document by splitting apart a larger packet manually, this is where you will complete that action

Moving an existing Split


To move an existing split, simply hover over the yellow split line and select the line and drag it to the new location. You will want to make sure the blue segmented line turns bright before releasing the split in its new location. 

Create a new split


Hover your mouse in the area between two pages. You will see a segmented line with a scissor icon appear. Simply click and a dialogue box will pop up prompting you to select the name and type for the newly created document.

Deleting an Existing Split:


Select the name of a document, move your cursor to the bottom left of the pop-up window, and select the trash-can. After you take this action you will notice the split will have been removed. To fully apply select "Apply Changes" and confirm.


Updating Names & Classifications

To update the name or classification of a document simply click on the name of the document in the original document view. This will open a dialogue box where you can type in a new name or select an alternate classification. 


Rotating Pages

New to the application in Q4 of 2021 is the ability to rotate pages in the Original Document view. To complete this action simply hover over the page you wish to rotate and select either the left rotate icon or the right rotate icon as many times as it takes to correctly orient the image. 



TIP: Make sure you select APPLY CHANGES frequently. No changes you make to a document in this view will be made until you select this button.


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