What is a Workspace ID?


Workspace IDs & Notes

In the screenshot below, the Workspace ID is the word ("demo") directly below the name of the logged-in user ("Doug Havlik") in the upper right-hand corner.

Additional notes:

  • If you are logged in to https://app.thoughttrace.com you will be able to see your Workspace ID. You can click on that to log out or to switch to other workspaces if you have access to more than one.
  • Typically one company has one workspace.
  • If you open a support ticket at our Help Center (https://support.thoughttrace.com/hc) without signing in it helps if you could supply us with your Workspace ID.
  • This is also helpful if you are not an employee of the company that owns the workspace you are logged in to or if your company has more than one workspace.


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