Automate Recipe: Email Bookmark Alert


This recipe will generate an email alert every Monday if any documents are in a specific bookmark search. A Bookmark Alert would be a helpful notification of work that is in a queue, a reminder of the number of documents yet to be reviewed, or an alert if any documents are flagged with a specific fact or tag.


Bonus: Daily Bookmark Alert for Work Queue


What you'll need:

Time Required: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

  • Access to a ThoughtTrace workspace
  • Either create a bookmark or use a bookmark shared with you


Create a new Recipe:

  1. Navigate to ThoughtTrace Automate and select 'Create Recipe'

  2. Name the Recipe, select the Location (it should default to the project that was open), and select 'Run on a schedule'. Then click 'Start Building'


Build the Recipe:

  1. In the 'Setup' window on the right, set the 'Time unit' to 'Weeks' and the 'Trigger every' field to '1'. When the 'Days of the week' field appears, select 'Monday'.
  2. For the 'Trigger at' field, click on the boxes on the right side of the field and select '8:00am'
  3. Next, add a new action and select 'ThoughtTrace - User' for the app.
  4. Choose the 'Search Documents' Action
  5. Select an existing connection, or select Create Connection. Enter in the same credentials that are used to sign into the ThoughtTrace Platform.
  6. Select the 'Bookmark' option for the 'Search filters' field, then select the desired bookmark in the field that appears. (NOTE: If you don't see any bookmarks, you may not have access to any on your account. Use the 'ThoughtTrace - API Client' to have access to all workspace bookmarks.
  7. Add a new action and select 'IF Condition'
  8. In the 'Data field' select the 'Total Count' Data Pill from the output of the search action. Add 'Greater than' as the Condition, and add '0' as the value. This will only send a notification if there are documents that match the previous search.
  9. Follow the 'Yes' path and add a new action. Choose 'Email by Workato'. (NOTE: this email will come from 'Workato', if it needs to be sent from your email address use 'Outlook' instead.)
  10. Enter in the recipient of the email, and the subject.
  11. Change the 'Email type' to 'Text'. Enter in the content of the email
  12. To include the 'Total Count' of documents in the email, use the 'Total Count' Data Pill from the 2nd TT Automate step. Additionally, a link to the bookmark can be included by using the 'Bookmark URI' Data Pill.


Optional Enhancements:

  • ThoughtTrace Automate can also send messages in Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • Instead of 'Email by Workato', Outlook can also be used.

Other Examples: 

Daily bookmark Alert for work queue


Please reach out to with any questions or assistance needed. Thank you!

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