Automate Recipe: Upload Email Attachments to ThoughtTrace



This recipe allows for attachments on emails that are in a particular mailbox to be auto-uploaded into ThoughtTrace. 


What you'll need:

Time Required: 15 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

  • Microsoft Outlook account
  • Permission to grant ThoughtTrace Automate access to the necessary Outlook account
  • Access to your ThoughtTrace workspace
  • Document Upload rights


Create a new Recipe:

  1. Navigate to ThoughtTrace Automate and select 'Create Recipe'

  2. Name the Recipe, select the Location (it should default to the project that was open), and select 'Trigger from an app'. Then click 'Start Building'


Build the Recipe:

  1. Select 'Outlook' as the app for the first step. You may have to type it into the search option to locate it.
  2. For the Trigger, select 'New Email'
  3. If you already have an Outlook connection, select it now. If not, select 'Create Connection', name the connection, and select 'Connect'. You will need to sign in and give 'Workato' access to the Outlook account.
  4. For the setup of the Trigger, enter the email address of the account that will receive the emails. 
  5. Folder: Input what folder ThoughtTrace Automate needs to pull new emails from. We do not recommend using your 'inbox' for this recipe, only use folders where most/all emails have attachments that need to be uploaded to ThoughtTrace.
  6. Add a new step and select 'IF condition'
  7. Add the 'Has Attachments' Datapill with a Condition of 'is true'
  8. Following the 'Yes' line below the previous action, create a new action and use Outlook as the app. For the Action, select 'Download Email Attachments'
  9. Enter the shared mailbox name (Same mailbox from the trigger action) and enter the 'ID' datapill from the trigger action as the 'Email ID'
  10. Add a new step (still in the 'Yes' branch of the IF Condition), and select 'Repeat Action'
  11. For the 'Input List', add the 'Attachments' Datapill from the 3rd recipe action.

    Click to see an example of what your recipe should look like at this point: mceclip0.png

  12. Add a new step (inside of the 'For Each' loop), and use 'ThoughtTrace - User' as the app. (You can use 'ThoughtTrace - API Client' if you have an API Client and Secret)
  13. Select an existing connection, or select Create Connection. Enter in the same credentials that are used to sign into the ThoughtTrace Platform.
  14. For the Upload Document Setup:
    • Document Name: Enter the Datapill 'Name' from the output of action 4
    • Document Content: Enter the 'Content Bytes' Datapill from the output of action 4
    • Security Label: Select an option from the list. If you do not have any options, you may not have permission to upload into the workspace that you are authenticated to.
    • Document Type: Select a document type or leave it blank for ThoughtTrace to identify it for you.
    • Enable Document Splitting: If this is set to 'True', ThoughtTrace will attempt to split the uploaded documents.
    • Facts: Select a Fact Type and what value needs to be applied.



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