Relational Library Search


Relational Library search allows you to search using Facts and see groups of documents rather than individual documents in the results.


1. Navigate to a Library

Administrators can set up Libraries that are configured to specific Fact Types, these can be easily seen on the left navigation panel of the default search screen. If there are no options other than 'Documents', Libraries may have not been set up by an administrator yet.



2. Enter a value into the quick-search bar or search by Fact data

The Library Search bar will begin searching as you type and only searches over the configured fact type. In this example, the search is over 'Agreements' which will be searching over all of the 'Agreement Numbers'.



Fact data applied to Libraries is also searchable. This does not search over facts applied to documents, to search for individual documents, use Document Search.



Once a search is applied, the data can be viewed in the results grid.



3. Select an option to navigate to see the documents

In this view, all of the related documents will be shown as well as an aggregation of the document facts and Library Facts all in one place. Show me more >








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