What is document Analysis and Re-analysis. (Get Thoughts Explained)


What is document Analysis? 

Document analysis refers to ThoughtTrace's ability to search for and display important information, key clauses, and legal language in your documents. This is done through a set of pre-trained Artificially Intelligent Thought Models reading through your document to find these pieces of language.

Since not all documents are the same, ThoughtTrace doesn't read them all the same way. There are several versions of our Thought Models that you may be familiar with that are tuned for specific types of documents like these: 

  • Leases
  • Surface Use and Right of Way
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Technology Agreements
  • Financial Agreements
  • And much more!  


Your ThoughtTrace Admin will have set up your different Document Types with the specific Thought Model needed for that document. A quick note: your document might not have a Thought Model applied to it which would cause you to see no Thoughts!

You don't have to select individual documents to have Thoughts extracted. If a document is classified as a type of document that has a Thought Model associated with it, it will happen automatically upon upload. However, there are a few occasions when you might need to have ThoughtTrace re-Analyze your documents. Those occasions are outlined in the next section.


Why would I want to re-analyze my documents?

There are a few reasons that you may need to re-analyze your document: 

  • Applied a Thought Model to an existing Document Type - If you apply a Thought Model to a Document Type that already has documents in it, those documents will not automatically start extracting Thoughts. You will need to follow the steps below. 
  • New AI training was released by ThoughtTrace - ThoughtTrace frequently releases updates to the AI that reads documents. In order to take advantage of the latest training, you will need to select all the documents to which the new training applies and follow the steps below. 


How to re-analyze your documents?

There are 2 types of actions you can perform when you demo.PNGyour documents:



1. Auto Classify will try to identify your document types

2. Get Thoughts will get any new Thought Model (aka ontology) training and extract the new


Changing the Linked Classification or Ontology of a Document Type will NOT automatically re-analyze your documents

To re-analyze your documents so that they are read via the new ontology:

1. In your Libraries page: Add the Document Type filter that you wish to re-analyze


2. Check the Actions box > Click Select all results

(The Actions box alone only selects the first page)


3. Click Re-Analyze





If you have any questions or technical difficulties, you can reach out to support@thoughttrace.com

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