How to link an Thought Model to a Document Type


How to link an ontology to a Document Type



Why would I want to link an ontology to a Document Type?

The ontology you link will determine the type of Thoughts that it looks for and extracts from your documents

What are Thoughts?

Full list of Ontologies and Thoughts available



If you'd like for a Document Type to be connected to an Ontology that ThoughtTrace's AI has been pre-trained for: 

1. Settings > Document Types

2. Click on the name of the Document Type or create a new Document Type

How to add a Document Type

3. Select from the Thought Extractions dropdown 

4. Save


You should now see the ontology to the right of your Document Type and Linked Classifications

What are Linked Classifications



If the Ontology column is left black, the AI will not extract any Thoughts from the documents under that Document Type/category 


Changing the Linked Classification or Ontology of a Document Type will NOT automatically re-analyze your documents

To re-analyze your documents so that they are read through the new ontology:

1. On your Libraries page: Add the Document Type filter that you wish to re-analyze


2. Check the Actions box > Click Select all results

(The Actions box alone only selects the first page)


3. Click Analyze





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