How to navigate to your Relational Libraries

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- What are Relational Libraries


Here is a brief look at how to navigate to your configured libraries:

How to navigate to a Library item:

Once an administrator has configured a new Library, you can navigate through the related documents by clicking on the Key Fact value in the search results or on the document page:




How to view Documents and Facts:

Once you access a Library Item, you can view all of the related documents and facts:


1. Key Fact:

The Key Fact value that is used to relate the documents. All documents with this fact value will be available in this view. Documents can be related to multiple libraries if they have multiple Key Fact values. In the case above, these documents are all related by the same Agreement Number.


2. Roll-up Facts

These are the aggregated facts from the documents in the agreement. This will show all of the unique values from the related documents.


3. Document Listing

These are all of the related documents that share the same Key Fact value. From here, you can navigate to the document or the splitting view.




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