How to navigate to your Relational Libraries


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How to navigate to a Library item:

Once an administrator has configured a new Library, you can navigate through the related documents by clicking on the Key Fact value in the search results or on the document page:




How to view Documents and Facts:

Once you access a Library Item, you can view all of the related documents and facts:


1. ‘About’: This contains all of the Library Facts associated with this Library Item. Here we can populate Facts that will be asserted across all the documents associated with this Library Item. 

2. Library Facts are customizable and have varied uses depending on your needs. For example, you could use a library item fact to keep track of operative language across multiple agreements with potential amendments, keep track of current subscription cost, changing owners, the list goes on.

3. Document Listing: Here you will see a list of documents associated with our key Fact. You can quickly navigate to the document by clicking its name or get a closer look at the document by clicking on one of its pages. If I want to go to the next document in this Library, I can use the navigation arrows here. 

4. Document Facts: This section contains a list of Document Facts that your admin has chosen to display for this Library Item. This can give you needed context as you assert Library Facts or view the individual documents.  




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