Requesting New Provisions/Entities for an Existing Ontology

If you feel there is a provision in your documents, agreements, and/or leases, etc. that is very pertinent to your industry and/or workflows and that is not currently being extracted, we certainly appreciate you sharing this feedback with us. Here are a few steps to doing so. 

  1.  Double-check the Full List of Provisions. Your provision may be captured as part of a different existing ontology and we ask that you make sure that's not the case before you put effort towards the next steps!
  2. Using the in-app manual upload feature, upload a document that contains this sample provision. We suggest providing 3-5 varying samples of each provision you wish to train so upload as many documents that contain these samples as you can. If your documents are already on the platform, even better. 
  3. Create an entity/provision. Find the relevant language in your document and create it as an entity or provision. Don't worry too much about selecting the right provision category in this step. Just let us know in your own comments what category this language falls under. 
  4. Submit in-app feedback. Use the feedback feature to "write your own" comment regarding your provision of interest. The more details you provide, the more helpful to our subject matter experts and data scientists who will review your feedback and (hopefully) apply it to our training model. 


Having trouble? We're happy to clarify. Just email us at



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