What is the ThoughtTrace Product Suite?


The ThoughtTrace Product Suite consists of two core applications: Document Insights and Provision Insights. 

Document Insights

Document Insights is a cloud-hosted solution that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically classify uploaded files into specified document types.

For example, an uploaded file can be identified as a single, discrete document type (i.e. Oil and Gas Lease) or as a packet of multiple document types (i.e. Agreement, Amendment, Extension, W-9, etc.). An Admin has the ability to designate the classification method during the upload of the set of documents. If auto-classification is applied, for all document types that are unknown to the algorithm, the documents will be classified as "unknown". Further, end-users can designate the document that has been classified as "unknown" as a custom document type which will train the machine learning model to auto-classify future similar documents into that custom document type.

Within Document Insights, workflows include filtering to a subset of documents, searching through the OCRed content of the document, as well as sorting, merging, renaming, and updating the status of the documents. Additionally, if the end-user's tenant includes a license to the Provision Insights application, documents from Document Insights can be sent directly to Provision Insights. 

Provision Insights

Provision Insights is a cloud-hosted solution that leverages machine learning to extract provisions from agreements, amendments, and extensions for high impact research, due diligence efforts, and fire drill projects. Documents can be sent to Provision Insights from Document Insights or directly uploaded into the platform.

Within Provision Insights, end-users have two methods of searching to get to the key provisions that need further review. The first method, Provision Search, allows for narrowing down the results to a subset of provisions based on specific filter criteria. The second method, Document Search, allows for applying very specific query logic to narrow down the results to a subset of documents. Using either method, the end-user has the capability to dive deeper into understanding the provision within the context of the document by viewing the actual scanned document in-app. 

To learn more about the ThoughtTrace Product Suite, please contact info@thoughttrace.com. If you have any specific questions about either application, please email support@thoughttrace.com


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