Release - Ontology - OGL 3.3

Entities added:
Appurtenances/Tank Battery
Definitions /Commencement of Drilling

Entities changed:
NOTE: Renamed Surface Impact (from Surface and Right of Way)

Surface Impact
Surface Impact/Adjacent Land
Surface Impact/Building Requirements
Surface Impact/Caliche
Surface Impact/Consent Required
Surface Impact/Environmental Stipulations
Surface Impact/Facilities Setback
Surface Impact/Hunting And Fishing
Surface Impact/Lessee Mineral Use Allowed
Surface Impact/Lessor Owns Minerals Only
Surface Impact/Necessary And Proper
Surface Impact/Prevention
Surface Impact/Seasonal Restrictions
Surface Impact/Seismic Allowed
Surface Impact/Seismic Prohibited
Surface Impact/Separate Agreement
Surface Impact/Spud Fee
Surface Impact/SubSurface Right Of Way
Surface Impact/Surface Use Allowed
Surface Impact/Surface Use Prohibited

Entities to be removed/deprecated:
Note: Moved to OGL 3.3 Appurtenances

Surface And Right Of Way/Fences
Surface And Right Of Way/Pipeline
Surface And Right Of Way/Pits
Surface And Right Of Way/Roads

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