Release - Ontology - OGL 3.0

Our Oil & Gas Ontology has been updated to 3.0. Here are the provisions that are added or removed:

New Provisions:

  • Assignment:
    • Hard Notice
    • Soft Notice
  • Operations:
    • Soft Offset
  • Royalties:
    • Coalbed Minimum Royalty
  • Shut-In:
    • Any Well
    • Individual Well
  • Units & Pughs: (These provisions are replacing Well Type, Limitation, Tolerance, and Fluid Type)
    • Horizontal Gas Well Limitation
    • Horizontal Gas Well Tolerance
    • Horizontal Oil Well Limitation
    • Horizontal Oil Well Tolerance
    • Vertical Gas Well Limitation
    • Vertical Gas Well Tolerance
    • Vertical Oil Well Limitation
    • Vertical Oil Well Tolerance


Deprecated Provisions:

  • Surface and Right Of Way:
    • Endangered Species
    • Ferruginous Hawk Habitat
    • Golden Eagle Habitat
    • Severe Erosion
    • Special Status Plants
    • Surface Disturbance
  • Units & Pughs: (The four provision fields listed below are being replaced by the Unit & Pugh list in the section above.)
    • Well Type
    • Limitation
    • Tolerance
    • Fluid Type

What does 'Deprecated' mean?

If you have data in Well Type, Limitation, Tolerance, and Fluid Type that you would like to be extracted into the new fields under Units & Pughs, submit a ticket or emails us at to let us know which documents you would like reprocessed.

For the full list of the Oil & Gas Lease Ontology provisions, click here.


Questions? Submit a ticket or email us at

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