How to confirm Thoughts as Facts


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Confirming Thoughts as Facts allows you to:

  • Edit the extracted language.
  • Add additional Fact information (multi-field facts) to the information.
  • Assert the Thought as a permanent Truth about the document.
  • Protect the extractions from change/loss as the document is reprocessed with the newest AI models.
  • Thoughts can be confirmed as facts regardless of data type


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What does it mean to "confirm" a Thought as a fact?

Thoughts in the ThoughtTrace Platform are Ai extracted read-only datapoints. They are helpful to quickly perform research on your whole document set without having to have human eyes look through every single line of each document in your system. Confirming allows you to take your data to the next level of confidence. This function allows users to assert/confirm Thoughts as a business truth. From here you can enrich the extracted language with additional information, workflow Facts, or even make direct edits to the language that was surfaced.


How do you confirm a Thought as Fact?

1. When you hover over the Thought that you wish to confirm you will see the following.




2. Click the blue circle with a checkmark in it to begin the confirmation process.

3. Search the list of Facts that pops up next to the Thought being confirmed for the desired Fact. Select the Fact.




4. If the data type of the Fact matches the data type of the source Thought, the data will automatically populate upon click of the Fact value box. 

5. Click Save to confirm the Thought as a Fact.




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