How to manage Facts



- What is a Fact

- What are the different types of Facts

- How to add a Fact type

- How to edit a Fact type

- How to Archive a Fact Type

- How to Delete Fact Types


- How to confirm a Thought as a Fact


What is a Fact

A Fact is a custom data point that is asserted on your document. Facts can be used to establish external metadata, workflow steps, or business assertions on the document. 

What is the difference between Thoughts and Facts?

Your environment comes pre-loaded with a number of Fact Types, but they can be completely customized to fit your company's needs. ThoughtTrace Administrators can set up Facts for you to populate for your documents or to be updated in bulk using ThoughtTrace Connect.

What is ThoughtTrace Connect? (click enroll to watch video)


Admin - Fact Types Overview:



What are the different types of Facts?

There are 2 kinds of Facts: single field and multi-field


Single field facts are used to capture simple data like document numbers, names, dates, etc.

  • one available data point and type
  • Good for doc identifiers, statuses, workflow assignments, and other items that can be contained in a 1-to-1 fashion

Multiple field facts can capture more complex (parent-child) data and create custom provision models

  • allow you to store more complex data, such as a customized provision to capture a Thought
  • Each field within a Fact Type has a specified data type that cannot be changed after the Fact Type has been created

Data Types

Within both multi and single-field facts, you have different options for the data type. Those are listed here.

String (General Text)
Boolean (True/False)
Date Picker
Select List



How to Edit a Fact Type

In Settings > Fact Types, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for existing fact types, or scroll through the list. Note you can include or exclude archived Fact Types


Select the Fact Type by clicking on the name, an edit pane will slide out from the right and allow you to edit everything about the Fact type EXCEPT THE DATA-TYPE.


TIP: You can change the data type of a new fact by temporarily making it a multifield fact, adding in the new field with the correct data type, deleting the incorrect/unwanted field, and then changing the Fact Type back to a single field fact.



How to add a Fact Type

1. Settings > Fact Types

2. Select the   mceclip0.png  button

3. Set up your fact in the settings menu that slides out on the right-hand side of the page. 




How to Archive Fact Types

1. Settings > Fact Types

2. Select the mceclip0.png button on the Fact Type to be archived

3. Confirm the archival of the Fact Type

For more information on Archiving and what it accomplishes, please click this link for the How to Archive Documents, Document Types, and Facts article.

Tip! If there are Fact values on documents that need to be deleted, the archived Fact Type can be deleted and all of the Fact values associated with the deleted Fact Type will be deleted as well. 

How to Delete Fact Types (must be archived first)

1. Settings > Fact Types

2. Check the mceclip1.png box

3. Select Delete on the Fact Type to be deleted and confirm





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