What are Linked Classifications?


What are Linked Classifications?


ThoughtTrace's AI comes pre-trained to split out large PDFs that contain multiple documents into their discrete documents and document types.


In your Document Types management page, a Classification is a type of document that ThoughtTrace has been trained to distinguish, split, and label. It will also help classify individual, unknown documents as their most similar Document Type.




If you'd like for a Document Type to be connected to a Classification that ThoughtTrace's AI has been pre-trained for: 

1. Settings > Document Types

2. Click on the name of the Document Type

3. Check the Classifications  you wish to under Linked Classifications

4. Save


If the Linked Classification column is left blank, the AI will use the other documents that are loaded into this Document Type as a template for classification


Changing the Linked Classification or Ontology of a Document Type will NOT automatically re-analyze your documents

To re-analyze your documents so that they are read via the new ontology:

1. In your Libraries page: Add the Document Type filter that you wish to re-analyze


2. Check the Actions box > Click Select all results

(The Actions box alone only selects the first page)


3. Click Re-Analyze





If you have any questions or technical difficulties, you can reach out to support@thoughttrace.com

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