How to Delete Documents


How to Delete Documents


There are 2 ways to remove documents from your ThoughtTrace environment: Archiving & Deleting


Archiving documents will segment them away from other documents and lock them from having any further changes. This acts as a 'soft delete'. 

You can Restore Archived documents

The deletion of a document cannot be undone

To Delete a document you will first have to Archive it and then Delete it 




- How to delete a single document 

- How to bulk archive documents

- How to bulk delete documents



How to delete a single document

1. When on a document > Actions menu in the top right of the page

2. Archive (once a document has been archived, it can be deleted)


3. Actions menu > Delete




How to bulk archive documents

1. On the Libraries page > Select the documents you wish to Archive

A) You can select specific documents by clicking on the checkbox


B) You can select the whole first page by clicking on the Actions checkbox


C) You can select all the results on all the pages by:

Check the Actions checkbox > Click on Select all results


2. Edit > + Archive/Restore


3. Archive > Apply




How to bulk delete documents

When on the Libraries page, multiple documents can be selected to be deleted. It is recommended to use the 'Archived Only' filter when performing a bulk delete operation as only archived documents will be able to be deleted.


Once documents have been selected, select the 'Delete' action and follow the prompt to delete the documents.


You cannot use the Select all results option to delete multiple pages at a time.

If you would like to Delete multiple pages of documents at a time, you can select page by page by checking the Actions box.


If you want to go faster, you can change the number of Documents per page from 25 to 100 (bottom right corner)


You can also open a support request for us to delete on your behalf. Please tag all documents you wish us to delete (if the documents are archived you will need to unarchive before tagging) and archive them. Give us the tag name and the total number of documents you expect to see deleted. Please note that deleting documents does not increase the available number of remaining GB or AI-extracted documents you have in your subscription level.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, you can reach out to

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